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The unique conditions prevalent in the automotive industry place high – and sometimes conflicting – demands on spacer fabrics and technical textiles. One challenge, for instance, is avoiding wrinkles and cavity formation on vehicle seats. At the same time, the specification sheet demands comfortable haptic qualities and a soft touch feel. With leather seats, another frequent requirement is stabilization for the supple leather. Furthermore, even air distribution in all directions, even under load, must be ensured. Another example of a safety-critical component is the airbag. In case of a collision, a textile with a flexible predetermined breaking point must make space for the airbag within fractions of a second without preventing it from unfolding. These examples are just some of the challenges we are successfully mastering every day with our technical textiles.


Requirement: Creating an attractive look with a soft touch. High level of flexibility and compressibility when used in soft tops.

Solution: Design freedom with a flexible 3mesh structure and a broad range of hardness levels to create a custom soft touch. 3mesh structure offers permanent rebound elasticity.


Requirement: Create a high-quality soft touch with leather / articfical leather used on interior components. Invisible airbag area (passenger). Design freedom, avoiding wrinkles or cracks in the surface material caused by temperature fluctuations.

Solution: Broad spectrum of hardness classes available to create a range of haptic properties. Smart multi-tear function offers good design freedom, even in airbag applications. The 3mesh structure compensates for movement between the rigid base material and leather or faux leather.


Requirement: Protect the vehicle and individual assemblies against the elements.

Solution: Use the air-trapping 3mesh structure as insulation, while also providing design freedom through flexibility and various haptic qualities. Lightweight construction with textile structure and resulting weight optimization.


Requirement: stable, durable air distribution layer for effective and homogeneous seat ventilation. Reinforcement and stabilization for leather without stiffening or losing the natural feel for the composite. Reduction of wrinkles and cavity formation on seats through vehicle use.

Solution: 3mesh structure and integrated channel structure provide high air permeability and stability, even under load. Application-oriented construction with high flexibility and good air permeability in a composite.

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