3mesh technical textiles

Technical Textiles - Spacer fabric for many areas

Depending on the specific application area, various industries may have highly specific requirements for spacer fabrics and technical textiles. We use custom-tailored solution approaches to meet our customers’ demands. Many of our customers are looking for ways to optimize their products. In response, we work, for instance, to ensure optimal air circulation, optimal ergonomics, or optimal pressure distribution. Our partners are focused on low weight, reinforcing measures, or a high degree of efficiency, as well as specific climate-control related textile properties.


Requirement: low pressure loss and high efficiency.

Solution: By creating various cover areas and variations on spacer threads, our products can be used both in filter media themselves and as base materials for filter media.


Requirement: Ideal combination of high comfort and optimal air circulation. Improvements in ergonomics and climate control.

Solution: Realized through optimal pressure distribution and zoning, as well as innovative, climate-regulating 3mesh constructions.


Requirement: Implementation of technically challenging requirements in various areas such as cable reinforcement.

Solution: 3mesh stabilizes and reinforces the cable protection, and can be embedded in foam in the process thanks to its open honeycomb structure.

Medical care

Requirements: In medical applications such as wheelchair cushions, the focus is on avoiding decubitus.

Solution: 3mesh reduces pressure and shear forces, ensuring ongoing air exchange at the same time.

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Technical Textiles

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