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stable, durable air distribution layer for effective and homogeneous seat ventilation. Reinforcement and stabilization for leather without stiffening or losing the natural feel for the composite. Reduction of wrinkles and cavity formation on seats through vehicle use.


3mesh® structure and integrated channel structure provide high air permeability and stability, even under load. Application-oriented construction with high flexibility and good air permeability in a composite.

Your advantages

High permeability

3mesh® can realize different dimensions in its mesh density and construction and thus very high permeabilities of air and liquid.

Good lamination and coating properties

3mesh® can be further processed according to your wishes and is ideal for coating (hydrophobic, antibacterial, etc.) and laminating (leather, textiles, etc.).

Good stabilization

Different degrees of hardness can be achieved depending on the intended use. Stability can be increased to a maximum by thermofixing.

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