Optimized cable armouring with technical sophistication and versatile use


Implementation of technically challenging requirements in various areas such as cable reinforcement.


3mesh® stabilizes and reinforces the cable protection, and can be embedded in foam in the process thanks to its open honeycomb structure.


Your advantages

Good formability

Our textile engineers use unique laying techniques to create spacer fabrics that can also adapt to special contours thanks to optimum formability.


3mesh® made from polyester is 100% recyclable due to its purity. After the regranulation process, the viscosity is still so high that it can be used to produce new yarns for 3mesh. This makes the product circular and it can be added to the cycle again and again.

Homogeneous reinforcement

Both artificial leather and leather can be reinforced as a lamination material and wrinkles can be significantly reduced. 3mesh can be foamed through the open honeycomb structure and serve as additional reinforcement for foams.

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