Spacer fabrics

High-quality technical textiles for many industries

3mesh® spacer fabrics from MÜLLER TEXTIL

The innovative alternative to foams, textiles and many other non-woven materials

The product advantages of our innovative and particularly versatile spacer fabrics are known worldwide and are highly valued by our customers. We are the leading specialized manufacturer of these special materials and have established a particularly high-quality alternative for a wide range of textiles, foam, mesh, lining and non-woven fabrics of all kinds under the brand name 3mesh®.

Thanks to its versatile properties, 3mesh® impresses customers from a wide range of industries and fulfills a wide variety of functions in the automotive industry as well as in the furniture and mattress industry, in the areas of filtration, Medical supply and many more. The combination of state-of-the-art production processes and our unique development expertise enables us to manufacture mesh in a single production step. The result is not only first-class product quality, but also cost-optimized processes that pave the way for customer-oriented development services. Customers also appreciate the uncomplicated options for further processing by sewing, welding or bonding.

MÜLLER TEXTIL is not only a competent partner in the development of unique spacer fabrics, but also a reliable supplier that produces exactly where the goods are needed. It goes without saying that we not only supply rolled goods, but can also punch, laser or mechanically cut precisely fitting molded parts.


What actually is "spacer fabric"?

Spacer fabrics are three-dimensional textiles in which two warp-knitted fabric surfaces are kept at a distance by spacer threads (so-called pile threads). Spacer fabrics are knitted fabrics that have been extended by a third dimension. Due to its properties, this outstanding material is used in a wide variety of areas and industries.

Intelligent ideas for revolutionary products

As the market leader for three-dimensional spacer fabrics, we regard the realization of innovative projects as our obligation.

In order to live up to the responsibility we have set ourselves, we invest considerable resources in this area. With success, as we can confidently state. For example, we have succeeded in developing 3mesh in the seat area as a substructure for seat recognition mats to achieve homogeneous counter-pressure for optimized airbag control. In another project, we were able to implement 3mesh with integrated air ducts to distribute air flows evenly in air-conditioned seats. Examples such as these and the following are impressive evidence of the strong culture of innovation that we live by throughout the company and which sets us apart from our competitors.

3mesh® can be used as

  • Space for the distribution of liquids, gases or solids (e.g. granulates).
  • Carrier material for functional coatings with existing air, water or liquid permeability.
  • Connecting element of two different materials with different shrinkage behavior to compensate for movement.
  • Tear-resistant connecting element (e.g. between concrete and foams).
  • Visible, self-supporting back part (e.g. for office chairs).
  • Textile with defined tear-open function (e.g. in the airbag area).
  • Zoned climate comfort pad.
  • Membrane carrier for different areas of application.
  • Decoupling of non-corresponding surfaces.
  • Reinforcement in various areas.

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