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Spacer fabrics are a high-quality alternative for foams, textiles, mesh, lining and non-woven fabrics of all kinds. Three-dimensional spacer fabrics impress with a wide range of properties that one-dimensional fabrics and textiles cannot offer. Thanks to the optimal combination of thickness (from 1 to 40 mm), surface structure (open to closed), compressive elasticity (soft to firm) and feel (soft to non-slip), 3mesh® can fulfill a wide variety of functions.

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High permeability

3mesh® can realize different dimensions in its mesh density and construction and thus very high permeabilities of air and liquid.

Comfortable cushioning effect

Our textile engineers select technically high-quality yarns to realize the specified degrees of hardness. Zoning and stabilization can be implemented in different positions of a product.

Homogeneous reinforcement

Both artificial leather and leather can be reinforced as a lamination material and wrinkles can be significantly reduced. 3mesh® can be foamed through the open honeycomb structure and serve as additional reinforcement for foams.


3mesh® made from polyester is 100% recyclable due to its purity. After the regranulation process, the viscosity is still so high that it can be used to produce new yarns for 3mesh®. This makes the product circular and it can be added to the cycle again and again.

Good lamination and coating properties

3mesh® can be further processed according to your wishes and is ideal for coating (hydrophobic, antibacterial, etc.) and laminating (leather, textiles, etc.).

Perfect recovery

The pile thread or spacer thread of our three-dimensional spacer fabric works in a similar way to a spring and always returns to its original shape after being compressed.

Perfect sound permeability

Some 3mesh® variants are particularly suitable for speaker covers and give the end product protection with a unique feel without reducing the sound quality.


Tests in our combustion chamber show it: the flame is extinguished after a few seconds. Another reason why many (car) manufacturers rely on 3mesh®.

Low weight

Thanks to fine but stable yarns and the open construction of our three-dimensional textile in thicknesses between 1 mm and 40 mm, 3mesh® is a real lightweight.

High shock absorption

Hard impacts are absorbed very well thanks to the special layering of our spacer fabric. The pressure is optimally distributed over a larger area and leads to a significant reduction in punctual pressure.

High-quality soft touch

The three-dimensional structure of 3mesh® creates a high-quality and unique feel that impresses customers from the automotive industry as well as furniture and mattress manufacturers.

Good formability

Our textile engineers use unique laying techniques to create spacer fabrics that can also adapt to special contours thanks to optimal formability.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

High Durability

Thanks to our high quality standards and selected raw materials, 3mesh® is characterized by a long service life.

Ideal pressure distribution

The special design of the spacer mesh allows pressure to be optimally distributed as required.

Good stabilization

Different degrees of hardness can be achieved depending on the intended use. Stability can be increased to a maximum by thermofixing.

Temperature and climate regulation

3mesh impresses with its outstanding thermophysiological properties - the three-dimensional structure creates cavities that fill with air. Movement creates a "pump effect", which generates air circulation. This allows the temperature and humidity, and therefore the microclimate, to be regulated.

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