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Innovations arise from ideas

We use our competence to develop innovations with technical textiles

As textile innovators, we take the lead in our industry and meet our customers' expectations. With efficiency, innovation and a strong commitment to quality, we push boundaries and remove barriers. We offer our customers in the automotive, home, industrial, filtration, medical care and many other sectors high-quality products, global presence and expert advice on an international level. We develop customer and application-specific products and support our customers at an early stage in the development of their projects. Success comes from cooperation - we are your partner.

As textile innovators for an entire industry, we gladly accept the competence leadership and the resulting expectations of our customers.

Innovation culture guarantees competitiveness

Individual project teams ensure success

Creativity, openness, ambition and cross-border thinking characterize our culture of innovation. Flexibility is essential in order to remain a leader in dynamic markets. To strengthen our competitiveness, we have established an intelligent culture of innovation throughout the company. We approach new developments and customer-specific solutions with a structured process that leads to high-quality products. Our cross-disciplinary innovation teams, consisting of employees from different areas of the company, bring in-depth specialist knowledge to every project. Thanks to the interdisciplinary composition of the teams, we analyze challenges at an early stage and achieve first-class results at high speed.

Together, we develop innovative solutions for a wide range of customer requirements in order to set standards and master challenges with confidence. We can look back on over 115 years of expertise, which has led to numerous product innovations.

Increasing value through innovation partnerships

Successful cooperation generates synergy effects

The advantages of an innovation partnership are clear: as experienced innovators with many years of expertise, we have numerous product innovations to our name. Flat hierarchies and lean processes enable flexible project teams with rapid knowledge transfer. Our customers benefit from cost savings in their own research and development departments as well as significant increases in the value of their product portfolio. An innovation partnership with us is uncomplicated: Simply share your project idea with us, we will provide qualified feedback as quickly as possible and decide on the validity of the project. Based on defined framework conditions, we work out the project objectives together and set deadlines, responsibilities, legal framework conditions and budgets.

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