Values that build trust

Company cornerstones

Binding values for our corporate philosophy and actions make up the core of our company. It is on this basis that we develop viable solutions that our customers, partners, and employees all over the world can trust. As creative innovators in our industry, we are always on the hunt for the best solution. We dare to try out new things and leave well-trodden paths. We are experienced performers in our field of expertise, working at the edge of what’s possible. This helps us to push boundaries and use new solutions to develop high-quality products that set new standards on the market.

We confront challenges with our own brand of confidence and composure. Our experience teaches us to find key inspiration to develop new possibilities based on our pioneering spirit of research. In times when product cycles are growing ever shorter, openness and curiosity can often be central factors for success in working to achieve superior, high-quality results. Decisiveness and the courage to take calculated corporate risks are useful characteristics. Taken together, these qualities help our customers add significant value to their products. We are makers, and we do everything we can to help projects succeed.

Our values

  • Innovator


    Always on the hunt for the best solution.

    The MÜLLER TEXTIL GROUP is a family company with over 110 years of success in textile manufacturing. The core of our value system – our capacity for innovation – has grown from this success. We have been innovators ever since our founding – and even before the term existed. Over the years, we have repeatedly asserted our success on the changing markets, with the courage to try out new things and leave well-trodden paths. This has helped us grow and become what we are today: A successful, global, mid-sized German company. In the future, we will continue to use our ideas to create excellent products.

    Open-minded – creative
    beyond the conventional – ambitious

  • Performer


    Embodying skilled leadership

    The MÜLLER TEXTIL GROUP has many decades of experience in its industry. We are now transmitting the knowledge and expertise drawn from this work to our fourth generation. This has created a key pillar for our value system: We are performers. We are a high-performing company in our field of expertise, and at the top of our industry. Driven by the serious ambition to make things better, we’re always moving on the edge of what's possible. We continuously succeed in thinking beyond boundaries, finding solutions for our customers, and developing high-quality products that set new standards on the market. That's what makes us a global company.

    efficient – competent
    reliable – experienced

  • Pioneer


    The courage to think beyond barriers.

    At the MÜLLER TEXTIL GROUP, we face new challenges with excitement. Our open mindset allows us to set off on unique, unknown paths again and again. This pioneering spirit has often proved the decisive impulse pushing us to focus on forward-thinking possibilities. Especially in a world that changes in ever shorter cycles, openness and curiosity are key factors in success. We see this confirmed again and again each day. We elevate ourselves above the competition in our industry by working to achieve superior, high-quality results. Being a pioneer takes courage, the will to make decisions, and the ability to weigh corporate risks – qualities we live out at MÜLLER Textil.

    boundary-crossing – endurance
    a step ahead – inquisitive

  • Enabler


    Creating the future with outstanding products.

    We make things possible. With our technical textiles, we allow our customers to add value to their own products, underscore their performance capabilities, and expand their services with all new possibilities. We are makers: We take our customers’ requests very seriously – then we take them into our own hands. We do everything to fulfill our customers’ requirements, no matter how challenging they are. One thing drives us forward: writing the next chapter in the MÜLLER TEXTIL GROUP success story. We have been successful in tapping into our distribution markets and understand their needs. We want to give our all to continue expanding on this success.

    supportive – ready to invest
    motivating – encouraging

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