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Perfect interplay of comfort and air circulation


Ideal combination of high comfort and optimal air circulation. Improvements in ergonomics and climate control.


Realized through optimal pressure distribution and zoning, as well as innovative, climate-regulating 3mesh® constructions.

Your advantages


3mesh® made from polyester is 100% recyclable due to its purity. After the regranulation process, the viscosity is still so high that it can be used to produce new yarns for 3mesh. This makes the product circular and it can be added to the cycle again and again.

Temperature and climate regulation

3mesh® impresses with its outstanding thermophysiological properties - the three-dimensional structure creates cavities that fill with air. Movement creates a "pump effect", which generates air circulation. This allows the temperature and humidity, and therefore the microclimate, to be regulated.

Ideal pressure distribution

The special design of the spacer mesh allows pressure to be optimally distributed as required.

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