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Create a high-quality soft touch with leather / articfical leather used on interior components. Invisible airbag area (passenger). Design freedom, avoiding wrinkles or cracks in the surface material caused by temperature fluctuations.


Broad spectrum of hardness classes available to create a range of haptic properties. Smart multi-tear function offers good design freedom, even in airbag applications. The 3mesh® structure compensates for movement between the rigid base material and leather or faux leather.

Your advantages

Perfect recovery

The pile thread or spacer thread of our three-dimensional spacer fabric works in a similar way to a spring and always returns to its original shape after being compressed.

Good lamination and coating properties

3mesh can be further processed according to your wishes and is ideal for coating (hydrophobic, antibacterial, etc.) and laminating (leather, textiles, etc.).

Good formability

Our textile engineers use unique laying techniques to create spacer fabrics that can also adapt to special contours thanks to optimum formability.

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