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As a market leader in the three-dimensional spacer knit sector, the advantages of our technical textile products are well-known around the world. These spacer knits provide an optional, high-quality alternative for textiles, foams, mesh, lining, and non-woven materials of all kinds. 3mesh impresses not only with high permeability and low emissions, but also offers comfortable padding characteristics with unrestricted noise permeability. In general, our three-dimensional spacer knits retain good malleability and have high shock absorption.

With good recycling capabilities, good coating and laminating characteristics, and trusted long-lasting quality, technical textiles fulfill the high demands placed on today's modern spacer fabrics. As a high-tech textile, 3mesh sets a new standard for haptic quality with Soft Touch. A combination of highly modern production processes and our unique development expertise allows us to produce 3mesh in just a single production step. This results not only in first-class product quality, but also in cost-optimized processes that pave the way for customer-oriented development services.

What is "spacer fabric"?

Spacer fabrics are three-dimensional textiles in which two warp-knitted fabric surfaces are kept at a distance by spacer connecting threads (so-called pile threads). Spacer fabrics are knitted fabrics that have been extended by a third dimension. Due to its properties, this outstanding material is used in many different areas and industries.

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