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We develop technical textiles with expertise

For over 100 years, our company has been working with targeted efficiency, a strong innovative spirit, and a clear awareness of quality to discover the best solutions for new three-dimensional spacer fabrics. We deliberately choose to take on seemingly impossible projects. We push the boundaries – and overcome barriers. As innovators throughout our entire industry, we are happy to take on a leading expert position, and the customer expectations that come along with it. All of our work is directed towards actively shaping the future by developing products according to a “best in class” principle.

Besides outstanding product quality and local presence in global markets, we also offer our customers from the automotive, home, industrial, filtration, medical care segments, and many other areas expert consulting services on an international scale. Whenever possible, we develop customer- and application-specific products. We are also happy to integrate additional functions. Ideally, we accompany our customers early on in the creation process for new, high-value technical textiles through close development partnerships. We are your partner for common success.


Culture of innovation guarantees competitive position

Custom project teams ensure success

Creativity and openness, combined with a high level of ambition and the readiness to think beyond borders are key characteristics of our culture of innovation. This flexibility, in our view, is a fundamental requirement for capturing a leading expert position in the long-term while asserting ourselves in ever more dynamic markets. We have established a company-wide, intelligent culture of innovation to underscore our competitive position.

We use orderly processes to confront new developments and handle custom-tailored customer solutions, resulting in new, high-value products. We face the challenges our customers bring with smart, interdisciplinary teams of innovators.

Employees from a wide range of corporate areas such as development, sales, or product management contribute the combined expertise of our over 100-year history to each individual project in a targeted way. Innovative teams are assembled individually for each project, and highlight the challenges of new developments early on through interdisciplinary work. This process ensures development can happen at a rapid pace, guaranteeing first-class results.

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Smart ideas for revolutionary products

As a market leader in three-dimensional spacer knits, we believe realizing innovative projects is our obligation.

We feel that bringing innovations to market is one of our central duties. We invest considerable resources in these areas to fulfill this responsibility, which we happily claim as our own. We're also confident in and proud of our success. We succeeded, for instance, in developing 3mesh in the seat area as a supporting structure for seat-recognition mats, creating homogeneous pressure resistance for optimal airbag control. In another project, we were able to create 3mesh with integrated air channels to evenly distribute air flows in seats with climate control. Examples like these, and those that follow, are impressive proof of our strong culture of innovation, a culture which we live out across the company and which distinguishes us from our competitors.

3mesh as …

  • Space for distributing liquids, gases, or solid materials (such as granulates).
  • Base Materials with functional coatings which retain air, water, or liquid permeability.
  • Connecting element between two different materials with varying shrink characteristics for movement compensation.
  • Tear-resistant connecting element (e.g. between concrete and foams).
  • Visible, self-supporting seat back (e.g. in office chairs).
  • Textile with defined tear function (e.g. in airbag applications).
  • Zone regulated climate comfort pad.
  • Membrane base for various applications.
  • Decoupling element between non-corresponding surfaces.
  • Reinforcement in various areas.
Relationship for innovation

Increased value through innovative partnerships

Close cooperations "generate synergy"

The advantages of joint innovation partnerships are clear: As experienced innovators, we hold a leading expert position within our industry, and have a hundred-year history of expertise which has resulted in a large number of product innovations. Flat hierarchies and streamlined processes allow our project teams to react flexibly to requirements and enjoy fast knowledge transfer. Close collaboration with our specialists provides our customers with clear cost savings in their own research and development departments – while paving the way for fast results that can significantly increase the values of their own product portfolios.

An innovation partnership with us is simple. Just tell us about your project idea. We’ll respond with qualified feedback as quickly as possible – and make a decision on the validity of the project. The collaboration will then be governed by defined framework conditions. Together, we will lay out answers to questions about the team, responsibilities, deadlines, project goals, legal requirements, and budget. Afterward, we will kick off the project – and see project work through until our goal is achieved. After presenting results, production can begin.

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