Sustainable use of resources

For many years we have established a complex environmental management system throughout the company in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard. As a result, the same demanding environmental standards apply at all our sites around the world. The basis of our environmentally friendly behaviour is our corporate policy: professional competence, coupled with high-precision technical production, pay off in the compatible use of resources.


Energy management

Building insulation, glazing and heating of the headquarters in Germany were renewed according to the latest standard with regard to energy efficiency. Energy consumption was also significantly reduced through the use of energysaving lamps and via motion detector controls.



In order to keep transport distances as short as possible, we prefer local suppliers and transport service providers and bundle our transports in internal goods transport.


Our products are optimally modified so that waste is avoided as much as possible. Minimum waste is recycled.


Digitale media

Due to the increasing use of digital media for communication and archiving, paper consumption is constantly decreasing. Wherever it is still needed, we use 100% recycled paper.



Our end product does not involve any additional energy consumption, waste and/or waste water generation: Downstream gas combustion or gas filtering are no longer necessary and no further cleaning steps are necessary to comply with the Oeko-Tex standard requirements. 


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