3 mesh advantages

3mesh – The versatile alternative

Optimal functionality for every application and every demand

As a high-tech material, 3mesh is the perfect alternative to materials and fabrics like foam or foam laminates, as well as reticulated foams. In addition, our spacer fabrics are single-origin, and can be used to replace non-woven fabrics, mat, felted fabrics, and knit materials. As a modern alternative, 3mesh's excellent rebound elasticity offers many other product advantages: Besides free air circulation in every direction, 3mesh impresses above all for its good durability resulting in long service lives.

3mesh can be combined with leather, faux leather, membranes, and foils. In addition, this intelligent spacer fabric offers wide-ranging coating options. 3mesh offers the best possible flexibility in processing for manufacturing techniques like punching, ultrasound, high-frequency, or thermal contact welding, laser cutting, embossing, warping, and hardening. Various design surfaces, including both open and closed surfaces provide wide-ranging design options. Over 1,000 different developed products serve as impressive proof of this diversity.

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